How Thoughtful Works

Thoughtful is a product studio and consultancy that is focused on serving the startup community. As founders ourselves, we know how much is involved in launching a new product, and we're here to help you succeed.

Our process

Initial meeting

We'll get on a quick call to discuss your project and establish if it is something that we can help with and have availability for.
Within a few buisness days

Sign contract

You'll sign our standard contract to get started.
When you're ready

Pay deposit

Generally the deposit is the price of 2 weeks of working with us.
At time of signing


We'll begin having meetings with you to research and plan the the project.
A few days

Design and research

We'll begin engaging a designer, doing market research, competitive analysis, and begin architecting the product.
A few weeks to a few months depending on complexity

Build phase

We'll get to work building the product! During this time, you'll be busy doing typical founder stuff to get ready for launch.
Most projects take at least a months

Release cycle

Get ready to have your first users! We'll coordinate the release with you. We call this a release cycle because from here onward, the process is all about agile iteration based on user feedback.
Most projects take at least a few months

Frequently asked questions

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