Technical Product Manager

Full Time or Contract

Thoughtful is a boutique product studio founded in New York City. We've built and launched products for companies like Teachable, Whisper, and dozens of others. We have a fully remote, async, no-BS work culture with minimal meetings so that the team can focus on what they enjoy - building great products.

Thoughtful is seeking an experienced product manager to work with our clients and our global, remote teams of designers and engineers to build beautiful, high-quality web and mobile applications. Our clients come from a range of industries such as healthcare, security, nonprofits, education, and finance.

You'll need to be extremely organized and good at turning chaos into order. You will also need to be completely fluent in English and good at working with many people at the same time. This the kind of job for someone that can jump back and fourth between many tasks at once without losing track of what they were working on and still set aside time to do focused work. You must be good at writing - especially technical writing. And finally, you must be extremely attentive to detail.


  • 5+ years of experience working on agile software development projects (we're open to hiring someone who was previously a developer or designer)
  • 2+ years of direct product management experience
  • Experience with agile methods like sprints, epics, and and point estimation
  • Experience working across multiple teams at once
  • Experience working in a 100% remote environment
  • Some technical software development/coding experience
  • Ability to develop relational data models (SQL) and relate these to UI/UX designs
  • Experience running sprint retrospectives and planning meetings
  • Experience working with a PM system like Linear, Asana, Jira, or Trello
  • Experience with prototyping and user research


  • You will work across multiple development teams
  • You will run weekly sprint meetings
  • You will plan technical road maps for each product including hour estimates, release phases, target release dates, and scoping
  • You will work with our clients to scope software products
  • You will track each teams hours each week to ensure that projects are able to stay within budget and to ensure that hours are being distributed efficiently
  • You will break large products down into smaller projects (eg epics) and then further break these down into tasks and write feature specifications and user stories for them
  • You will keep the project management system up to date each week for each project and check in with each team on a daily basis to ensure that nobody is blocked and to identify issues as early as possible
  • You will work to identify unknowns and complexity as soon as possible in a project's lifespan and bring it to the necessary stakeholder's attention
  • You will review designs as they are ready, work with the designer to make sure they follow the road map and client's vision, and help the designer iterate
  • You will review features as they are developed to ensure that they follow specifications and designs perfectly
  • You will communicate with clients to gather project requirements and understand their vision and organize this information for each team to understand