Product Launch: ClearBuilt

We're super excited to announce our launch of ClearBuilt, a video marketplace for construction projects.
We've been hard at work with founder John Van Bockern as we've embarked on the challenge of building a two sided marketplace that is entirely video based and which allows users to fund large construction projects via escrow.
While there are plenty of apps out there that allow users to find service providers in their area, none allow users to create legally enforceable contracts by video. While informal video "contracts" are common in the construction industry for smaller projects, no company has successfully created a marketplace that truly formalizes and embraces the concept. What's more, there are very few companies that offer escrow payments in the world, and even those that do are regional and have strict limits on what kinds of transactions are allowed., for example, does not support construction projects.
Thoughtful has worked with Van Bockern to design and built the app from scratch over almost a year and has been able to overcome numerous technical hurdles such as digging into the complexity of escrow payments, two sided marketplaces, and video contracts.
We think ClearBuilt will be one of the most exciting #legaltech and #fintech products to emerge this year as it offers truly new features for both escrow payments and video contracts that no other company offers.
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