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Case Study

Thoughtful helped CompostNow save money and reduce the need to hire additional engineers by automating key processes, adopting no-code tools, and deciding which components of their system to buy and which to build in-house.


  • Decreased their engineering maintenance burden by automating time-consuming processes/repetitive processes using Make
  • Researched and advised on software purchases to help them decide which tools to build in-house vs buy from SaaS vendors
  • Designed a new customer portal to decrease their customer support burden by making more actions self-serve and easier to find
  • Advised on outsourcing engineering resources to save costs
  • Advised on their mobile development plan

Account Portal Design

Thoughtful worked with CompostNow to design a custom dashboard for their customers to log in and manage their delivery and pickup schedules. The key goals for the project were to:
  1. Allow customers to easily manage the pick up and delivery services
  1. Decrease the customer support burden by making more functionalities self-serve
  1. Help customers understand through numbers and charts exactly how much compost they were generating and see their positive impact
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