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Case Study

Thoughtful has enabled Spiritune to thrive and grow without needing a full-time engineering team since 2020.

The Partnership

Spiritune is a successful, revenue-driven startup that helps the users of its mobile app improve their mood using AI. Thoughtful has had the honor of serving Spiritune as a trusted technology partner since 2020. By helping them to transition from self-hosted solutions to strategic, managed SaaS providers, we’ve enabled them to stay nimble and avoid the need for a full time engineering team.

Key Accomplishments

  1. Moved the payment system to RevenueCat to solve payment issues caused by Apple’s in-app payment system
  1. Improved the user experience and reduced the frequency of bugs and errors by migrating to modern backend systems such as Docker, Render, AWS S3, and TypeScript and eliminating technical debt
  1. Enabled the team to quickly manage the website for marketing and promotional purposes by moving it to Webflow, reducing the dependency on engineers
  1. Provided the team with full admin capabilities by leveraging Retool, further reducing the reliance of engineers
  1. Migrated them from Hubspot to ActiveCampaign in order to save thousands of dollars per year
  1. Set up Segment and Mixpanel to track usage and help them understand their users more quantitatively
  1. Built the Android app in 6 months using React Native
Thoughtful is able to evaluate and present a variety of solutions and collaboratively work with us.
-Jamie Pabst, Founder, Spiritune

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