(Acquired by Meta)

Case Study

By working with Thoughtful, Whisper was able to build a patient portal and payment system for medical providers in just 7 months without hiring any additional full time engineers.

The Project

Whisper was an AI-enhanced hearing aid startup that was acquired by Meta in 2023. Whisper needed a client portal for hearing aid providers to manage their accounts and pay. Whisper had an ambitious timeline as it was pushing to release v1 of its hearing aid product by the end of the year, leaving little time for hiring and onboarding additional full time team members.
Whisper hired Thoughtful to work with its existing engineering team to build the portal’s frontend in just 7 months. We used React, TypeScript, and Ant Design, and worked with their engineering team in Python and Django on the backend. We wrote unit tests with full code coverage and participated in rigorous code reviews with their senior engineers.

Accomplishments + Challenges

  • Navigating a tight timeline with changing requirements as new information was learned from user testing
  • Ensuring that the web app would work seamlessly on touchscreens (providers would generally be using iPads)
  • Making a scalable, continuous scrolling UI that could search and filter through thousands of patient records
  • Integrating with an identity verification provider and managing complex navigation flows of redirecting users back and fourth
  • HIPAA compliance
  • SSO + 2FA
We were impressed with Thoughtful’s communication and the ability to take ownership of the project. - Josh Schneier, Tech Lead, Whisper

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