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Thoughtful enabled Workmaps to rapidly iterate and test product concepts until the founders found product-market fit. We then built out the Workmaps v1 from scratch, creating a solid foundation for the new engineering team to build on top of. This in turn enabled Workmaps to quickly validate its business model and raise an additional round of funding.
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The Partnership

Workmaps came to us when they were just three founders who, after serious research and experimentation, had stumbled upon an underserved market niche: helping people find jobs closer to where they live.
Initially, Thoughtful engaged with the Workmaps founders to build out a few initial prototypes using no-code solutions (Airtable, Make, and Zapier) and measure traction for a fraction of the cost of traditional software development.
Once Workmaps had traction with users, Thoughtful built the initial version of the app from scratch using Next.js, Prisma, Mantine UI, Postgres, PostGIS, and Google Maps.
During the project, we embraced a culture of measurement and experimentation. All new features were launched behind feature flags using StatSig and usage was measured using Mixpanel, Segment, and Hotjar.
Within a few months of launching v1, Workmaps successfully raised its next round of financing and was able to hire full time engineers that Thoughtful was able to hand the project off to.

Challenges + Accomplishments

  • Building + deploying the v1 of Workmaps from scratch using Next.js, Prisma, TypeScript, Mantine UI, and Google Maps / Google Places APIs
  • Building a version of the product using MapBox to experiment with the differences between Google Maps and MapBox
  • Creating and implementing the core search + filter algorithm using Postgres, PostGIS, Kysely, and TypeScript
  • Creating a URL-driven single-page application (SPA) that allows any state in the UI to be generated from the URL query parameters
  • Enabling the marketing/advertising team to create search + filter presets to launch targeted ad campaigns
  • Creating A/B tests using StatSig for most feature releases in order to optimize click through rates

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